We’re baking it in!

To our dearest Tea Cup friends,

As some of you know, we launched our “Baked-In” service model at our Chapter ii location in November 2017. Over that time, we have received your feedback as well as our staffs’ and have found that it is a success!  We reached out for feedback to our new system to make sure that it works for our staff and for YOU, the ones who have made Alice’s an NYC staple for the past 16 years!! We are excited to expand it to our other locations in January so that we may continue to eliminate the pay gap among all our beloved staff, our Tea Cuppers.

In the coming month, you will see this “Service Baked-In” model at all Alice’s Tea Cup locations. As always, please write-in, call and speak to any of us about your experience. We believe in this change and hope it will become an industry trend, helping more New Yorkers STAY New Yorkers and want you all right there with us.

Thank you for 16 years of support and communication!

With gratitude,
Haley and Lauren Fox


As you browse our menus, you will see price changes on most of our menu items. First, you should know that this new pricing won’t cost you a penny more. The prices you see will have the cost of service (your gratuity) baked-in. Why the change? We’re glad you asked!

While it’s customary to leave a gratuity for the staff helping you at your table, there are certain laws that determine who exactly may share in this generosity. We feel that the whole team, even those you don’t see, contribute overall to your experience. That’s why you will no longer see a tip line at all Alice’s Tea Cup locations. By eliminating tipping, adding in revenue share and raising minimum wage for previously tipped employees, we can ensure that the service that is now “baked-in” to the cost of your food can be shared by all our magical and hardworking team members. This change is a sincere effort to reward all the employees who make Alice’s such a special place.

Servers and support staff will continue to make a fair wage and one that is based on sales, so their hard work will still be rewarded. It will, though, make a HUGE difference for those other team members we mentioned above: those who contribute to your overall experience but could not previously share in your generosity. We will now be able to increase their wage without having to increase the price of food or sacrifice anything in the service we provide.

One other thing to note: since our new pricing derives from what would have previously gone to the server for dine-in service (and not, for example, the cost of goods), all to-go pricing will remain the same. And, yes, that includes scones!

While we may be one of the pioneers on this front, we hope to see more restaurants join us and we hope you’ll stay right here with us: satisfied in being a part of making us a better business.