All Day
11am - Close
Alice’s Scones
Alice’s scones are moist, flavorful, and ever-changing. Your server will describe the day’s varieties, but if you want to see them for yourself, steal a peek at the front counter.
One scone - 3.50
With raspberry preserves and
homemade clotted cream
A small pot of tea and 2 scones - 12
With preserves and cream
Alice’s Afternoon Tea - served before and after noon!
This is our take on the traditional afternoon tea service. All services are presented on a three-tiered stand with scones, sandwiches, desserts, and (of course) tea.
But you get to choose the option that best fits your appetite.
The Nibble
“a lil’ bit hungry?”
~ 25 ~

One pot of tea
Choice of one scone,
with preserves and cream
Choice of one sandwich
Assorted mini cookies

We know that
sharing is caring, but this
Nibble is for one person only!

The Mad Hatter
~ 37 ~

One pot of tea
Choice of two scones,
with preserves and cream
Choice of two sandwiches
Assorted cookies with choice of mocha cake, lemon tart,
or chocolate mousse

Make it for two! +8
Choose one more scone
-& another pot of tea

The Jabberwocky
~ 60 ~

One pot of tea
Unlimited scones,
with preserves and cream
(but let’s start with three!)
Unlimited sandwiches
(pick three to begin with!)
Assorted cookies with mocha cake and chocolate mousse!

Adding friends?
+20 a person
Pick one more pot of tea
for each extra person!
Scone flavors change every day. Your server will happily list today’s choices.
As for the tea sandwiches, take your pick from the those on the facing page.
(Does not include grilled sandwiches.)
Served with a side of mixed greens. Any sandwich can be made as a salad for $15.
Lapsang souchong smoked chicken breast 12
With slices of granny smith apple and herbed goat cheese on seven grain bread
Black forest ham and gruyere 14
With whole-grain mustard and mayonnaise on golden raisin semolina
Smoked salmon 13
Served open-faced with a light lemon-dill butter on pumpernickel
Albacore tuna 11
With capers, cornichons, and shallots in a whole-grain mustard vinaigrette on semolina with black sesame seeds
Alice’s BLT 11
With blue cheese on toasted pumpernickel
Chopped tea-egg salad 11
Made with eggs that have been infused with our maté carnival tea; with watercress and mayonnaise on seven grain bread
Curried chicken salad 12
With red onion, celery, granny smith apple, and tomato slices on golden raisin semolina
Roasted cumin carrots 10
With olive tapenade and goat cheese on semolina with black sesame seeds
Cucumber and watercress 9
With lemon chive butter on whole wheat
Hummus 9
With greens and tomato on whole wheat
Lapsang souchong smoked chicken breast 15
On mixed greens with sliced tea-infused eggs, granny smith apples, and crispy carrots in our signature ginger soy dressing
Warm lentil salad 13
With bacon on mixed greens in ginger soy dressing
Also available without bacon upon request
Warm pear and endive salad 14
With watercress, caramelized onions and bleu cheese in a port vinaigrette
Watercress and mixed greens 10
With roasted shallots and champagne vinaigrette
Please note that the warm lentil salad and warm pear salad
are not available during weekend brunch hours.
Creations change daily. Served with homemade foccacia.
Cup o’ soup 5
Bowl o’ soup 8
Light Fare
Pick a small soup then add either
a half sandwich or a small salad.
Does not include grilled sandwiches
~ 14 ~

Grilled Sandwiches
Served with a side of mixed greens
Croque monsieur 14
Black forest ham and gruyere with mayonnaise and whole grain mustard on golden raisin semolina bread
Croque madame 11
Grilled gruyere with mayonnaise and whole grain mustard on golden raisin semolina bread
add lapsang smoked grilled chicken +4

Grilled veggie sandwich 14
Portobello mushrooms, eggplant, peppers, zucchini, sautéed onions, and tomatoes with a homemade pesto and herbed goat cheese on pumpernickel toast


Side salad 7
Mixed greens tossed with our house ginger soy dressing

Mixed berries 7
One scone with jam and cream 3.50
Ask your server for today’s selections
Sweets and Treats
For the Alice in all of us! Oh, and be sure to ask your server about our daily dessert specials.
Cupcakes 3
Chocolate cake 7
With buttercream frosting
Banana nutella cake 7
Banana cake with nutella filling and cream cheese frosting
Carrot cake 7
With cream cheese frosting
Jean’s “not-yet-but-soon-to-be-famous” mocha chocolate chip cake 7
Alice’s’mores 9
Chocolate mousse, fluff, and homemade graham crackers
served melted and messy
Warm soft chocolate cake 10
Served with ice cream or sorbet
please allow 10 minutes for preparation
Queen of Hearts lemon tart 8
Infused with French vervain and served with berries on top!
White Rabbit dark chocolate mousse 8
Ice cream or sorbet 7
Alice’s assorted cookie plate 9
served à la mode +3
Big cookie! 3
Ice Cream Sandwich 7
Mixed berries 10
With homemade crème anglaise
Three-cup pot of tea 6
Six-cup pot of tea 8
Iced tea 3
Available by the glass; ask your server for today’s selections
Coffee 3
Prepared fresh and served by the mug
Milk 2
Chocolate milk 3
Sodas 2
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale
Juice 4
Orange, cranberry, apple
Alice’s loco cocoa 5
Rich chocolate spiced with cayenne pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg
Hot chocolate 5
Thick and creamy hot cocoa
Kid’s hot cocoa 4
Menu for the Small
Cup o’ soup 5
Grilled cheese sandwich 8
American cheese on white bread
Granny smith apple slices 7
With a choice of homemade peanut butter or nutella, served as a dip or as a sandwich
Peanut butter and jam 7
Alice’s homemade peanut butter and fresh raspberry jam on white bread
PB and J on banana bread 9
Carrot and celery sticks 7
With homemade peanut butter
Banana bread and jam 7
Cookies & milk 7
Homemade graham crackers and honey 7
and for the very smallest...
Puréed baby food 6
Ask your server for today’s selections
The Wee Tea
Small pot of herbal or fruit tea
(or another beverage of choice)
One scone
Any item from the Menu for the Small
+ $1 for grilled cheese
White Rabbit dark chocolate mousse
~ 20 ~